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This is particularly important as new brands these days tend to be more targeted to narrow market niches with more limited appeal — e.


Increased flexibility. Because many companies are operating with lower margins today than in the past, they need increased flexibility to better manage costs and inventory. Emphasizing its master brand gives a company flexibility in brand portfolio management and in advertising and promotion.

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When costs, demand, or other factors change the strategic importance of the products and brands in its portfolio, a company can delete, modify, or combine them with less risk of confusing customers or losing market salience. It can also more easily and quickly prioritize and de-prioritize different products and brands in advertising and promotional efforts to respond to competitive moves and market changes.

Brand equity. Companies continue to look to new products and brands to produce growth, but the continued decline in consumer trust in brands means new brands must clear an increasingly high hurdle.

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By conveying credibility, quality perceptions, and sometimes simply familiarity, master brands make the introduction of new sub-brands easier and usually more successful. But their effectiveness can be dampened when an existing market leader has pooled its resources and leverages the combined power of all of its brands.

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A master brand strategy creates strength in numbers and establishes a competitive moat of sorts around the smaller brands in the corporate portfolio. Stakeholder appeal. These groups tend to form relationships and derive value from master corporate brands vs. Of course, a master brand strategy continues to carry risks and present limitations. Linking multiple brands together so closely means they are not shielded from problems that fell a single brand like an ingredient recall or a disgruntled customer.

Franchise Basics

Every corporation should weigh the pros and cons of all brand portfolio strategy options and align them with the corporate strategy. Denise Lee Yohn. Instead of individual products.

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Our context is the Zeitgeist, the spirit of time, and if we enter any platform today, we find that the spirit of our time is hyperpolarization. Everything is conflict and disagreements, yet it is important to participate in this conversation and through storytelling inspire and propose change. Joyning: The communities of the digital age, and any brand are somehow generating communities that can be found in digital media.

For this you can create loyalty programs, special events, make them part of something. The Global Brain: Or the so-called internet of things. Today more and more devices are connected to the internet, house lights, intelligent home assistants, etc… There are more and more low-end devices and brands have to think about this to reach everyone, keep in mind having a site that consume less data for example.

We are in the middle of a democratization of technology and content. Mex-identity: Mexico is shining in the world and brands know it.

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Companies are beginning to focus on highlighting Mexican beauty. All studies show a z generation more apathetic than ever. As brands we have to think that if they have apathy towards everything, much more they are going to have it towards advertising.