Buried Alive: the story of Octavia Hatcher

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Her body was reburied, but James was never the same. He had a life-size, lifelike monument to Octavia erected over her grave. In one arm, the statue held a baby, representative of Jacob. He built the Hatcher Hotel at such an angle that he could look up to the cemetery at his young wife and she could symbolically look down on him.

There have been reports of a kitten meowing at night. People have also heard a woman crying, believed to be the tortured spirit of Octavia. Residents have specifically reported stories of following the sound of a woman crying only for it to suddenly stop as they approach Octavia's grave. Not everyone buys the buried alive story. There are no newspaper articles from the time verifying her death, and it seems unlikely such a tragedy would go unreported in such a small town. This leaves some suspicious that the story is merely the stuff of local legend.

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It may have been caused by a virus carried by mosquitos. There is also speculation it was caused by gas escaping from a local coal mine. It is impossible to say whether or not the true cause will ever be uncovered. Source: Ranker. Do you believe the legend?

Do you have any creepy legends from your home state? Share them in the comments below! I remember hearing about this story like 10 years ago. I believe it was caused by tainted vegetables or bread that had gone bad which poisoned the residents. Sad and Tragic, but I do believe something close to the original story happened.. Love this kind of stuff!!!

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My parents grew up in this region, rural Appalachia, during the Depression and until the mid s it wasn't just a different culture than the rest of the nation it was a totally different world. They told me things about it that would make the Pope cry.

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I've been to that grave and there is a certain vibe and pall hanging over it knowing someone went through living hell just six feet beneath your feet. Great post Oh true crimes my jam Thats why I work, so I can buy more serial killer books. It is a spooky place. If you ever get the chance check it out. You won't regret it. George Washington made his ppl promise not to bury him until after 2 days to ensure he was actually dead.

Creepy stuff. I don't know about nowadays, but this movie is about 10 years old, one of his first movies and he's great in it. Check it out If you get the chance.. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes The supposedly dead Essie sat up in her coffin and smiled at her sister.

The three ministers who oversaw the burial fell into the grave, and one suffered three broken ribs when the other two clambered over him to escape.

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Years later, people still believed that Essie was a zombie that returned from the dead. The celebration is not in remembrance of old men but of Matthew Wall, who was almost buried alive on October 2, Matthew Wall was preparing for his marriage when he died, or rather was presumed to have died. He was being carried to the village church in a coffin when one of the pallbearers slipped on some wet leaves and dropped the casket.

The shock awoke Wall from his coma, and he started banging on the coffin , screaming to be let out. He went on to get married, have two sons, and live for 24 more years.

He died in In his will, Wall requested that the church bell should be rung for a funeral and then a wedding on the second day of October every year. He also requested that Fleece Lane, where the pallbearer had slipped, should be swept free of leaves. The request seems odd, since it was the same leaves that prevented his premature burial.

The people of Braughing still execute his will today. On the second day of October, they ring the church bell as he requested while the priest and local children sweep the lane. Hampshire resident Mrs. Blunden had the misfortune of being declared dead and waking up in her coffin, twice. On July 15, , she took ill and fell into a deep sleep after taking poppy water.

She was declared dead and was buried against the wishes of her husband, who was away on a trip and wanted her buried on his return. She had awoken in her coffin, and her body was covered in wounds and scratches from her attempts to escape. She was now still, however.

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No signs of life were detected, and she was declared dead again and reburied. She had also bitten her mouth until it was bloody and had torn her clothes. It is speculated that he left the graveside. Sometime in the s, an unnamed young girl appeared to die of diphtheria while vacationing at Edisto Island, South Carolina. She was summarily declared dead, and a burial was hurriedly organized to prevent her disease from spreading any further. She was buried in the mausoleum of a local family.

The mausoleum was only opened years later when the family wanted to bury a son they had lost to the ongoing Civil War. The skeleton of the girl was found just behind the door. She had definitely woken up in her coffin and had tried to get out of the mausoleum. The Edinburgh woman was separated from her husband and had taken a job at an inn, where she started an affair with the son of the owner. The baby she birthed was too weak and died few days later.


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Margaret could not bury the child since the pregnancy had been a secret, so she dumped it into the river. Unfortunately, the body was found along the riverbank the same day and was traced to her. Maggie was hanged at the gallows , and her body was put inside a coffin. She woke up while being transported to a graveyard 10 kilometers 6 mi away.

She got back with her husband and had more children. On March 17, , the Press Democrat reported the story of a French gendarme police officer who was almost buried alive.

The unnamed gendarme living near Grenoble, France, had gone into a trance-like sleep after drinking too much potato brandy. He slept for a whole day before his friends noticed that his body was becoming rigid, as would be expected of a dead person. The unfortunate gendarme was declared dead but awoke as he was being lowered into a grave. He banged on the coffin, demanding to be let out. The undertakers lowering him into the grave immediately stopped the burial and quickly opened the casket. However, it was all for nothing, as the gendarme had hit his head on the coffin and died. She had complained of heart problems two weeks earlier and was being attended to by one Dr.

Her health continued declining until the morning of July 8, , when Dr. Howard declared her dead. Her death certificate was issued, and two days later, she was put in a coffin in preparation for burial.