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Email Address. In June , Jiaolong faced its 5,meter trials in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. The media started to notice the vessel and the trials were covered live on TV as well. Each time Jiaolong achieved a new depth, other crew members splashed water on the pilots when they returned to the mother ship, as a kind of ritual. In Yang's memory, the trials for 7, meters were easier than the previous ones. On June 27, , Jiaolong reached a depth of 7, meters in the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific. Three days before, Yang and the other pilots spoke from this depth with Chinese astronauts who encouraged them from Tiangong-1 space lab.

With six dives in total, the trials were completed in and it was confirmed that the performance of Jiaolong was stable at a depth of 7, meters. All functions of the submersible were tested at least twice and the faults found in the tests were remedied.

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While Jiaolong was doing its sea trials, another manned submersible project named Shenhai Yongshi Deep Sea Warrior started in , and Yang became the deputy chief designer on it. Shenhai Yongshi is designed to reach a depth of 4, meters and finished its sea trials in Having reached great depths with Jiaolong, Yang and the team of China's new manned submersible which plans to dive to 11, meters underwater are preparing to explore further.

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Yang Bo, designer of Jiaolong's acoustic communication system, is also one of the pilots of the submersible. Provided to China Daily. Chinese submersibles expert promotes undersea exploration among youth, Li Yingxue reports. The submersible was named after the mythical dragon Jiaolong. Then came the meter trial which took around 20 times to achieve. The team tried 1, meters before heading back to the laboratory to upgrade the vessel.

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