Critical Thinking and American Government

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In addition, a variety of Revel writing activities and assignments are provided to assess concept mastery and critical thinking.

Clued in to Politics: A Critical Thinking Reader in American Government

This immersive experience boosts student engagement, which leads to better understanding of concepts and improved performance throughout the course. Revel's assignment and tracking tools offer actionable information that helps educators intersect with their students in meaningful ways. Educators can indicate precisely which readings must be completed on which dates. This clear, detailed schedule helps students stay on task and keeps them motivated throughout the course.

Content and Features include:

By monitoring class assignment completion and individual student achievement, actionable information, such as points earned on quizzes and tests and time on task, helps educators see the progress of their students and their entire class. Revel is also fully mobile, so students can read and interact with course material on their devices, anywhere and anytime. First off, professors struggle with getting students to think critically in class, along with getting them to think about how the concepts that they are reading about in their American Government courses occur in the real world.

With the Simulations feature Students see the concepts from their American Government course in action and how the decisions that are made based on those concepts have a bigger impact on American Government.

Next, instructors have a hard time showing concepts from the book in action. Students sometimes find a static book alone dry, and they have a hard time engaging with and retaining the material they read.

But with the Videos in Revel The content comes to life. Students can watch engaging videos that illustrate the topic they are reading about.

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His work helped shape the field of political science in the United States. His many years of service to this textbook remain evident on every page and will continue for many editions to come.


John J. DiIulio, Jr. Dilulio has been a senior fellow and directed research programs at several leading think tanks, including the Brookings Institution, and has been honored with awards from the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management, the American Political Science Association and other organizations. In addition, he has advised presidential candidates in both parties, served on bipartisan government reform commissions and worked as a senior staff member in the White House.

Critical Thinking & American Government / Edition 3

He received his Ph. Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency.

MindTap for the American Government course

The author or editor of several volumes in presidency studies and American politics, Dr. Bose teaches courses on the American presidency, presidential leadership and policymaking and American politics. She received her Ph. Matthew S. Levendusky Matthew S. He obtained his Ph.

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His research focuses on understanding how institutions and elites influence the political behavior of ordinary citizens, including studies of mass polarization, the effects of partisan media, and various other topics. Teacher Supplements. Student Supplements.