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It's summer and Mr. Poot is headed off to the lake cabin. He likes to explore the woods, make new friends, and sleep by the warm woodstove, but his family always sails off in their boat and leaves him behind.

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Just because he's a cat doesn't mean he's It's Halloween and Mr. Poot isn't invited to go trick or treating. He has visions of his costumes but no one is paying attention. He's a bit out of sorts until a friendly ghost drops by and they decide to go on an adventure. Together they make it a v From national bestselling author, Emma Wildes, innocence collides with sin in a very unfortunate encounter… Lord Joshua Dane is a man with a very wicked past.

A passionate affair with the wrong woman led to a scandalous duel, marked him as a vill Poot is a very daring cat and his country life is one escapade after another until he finds his delightful world turned upside down. His family has expanded to include a new tiny individual and he isn't sure about the unexpected addition to the h Snow is falling, there is a sparkling tree in the living room, and Mr. Poot wonders just what he might get for a holiday treat. Surely a dashing feline like him needs, deserves something unique.

Little does he know his family has something very speci What is society to do when the diamonds of the first water are caught in compromising situations, one after the other?

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Can the young ladies survive the season with their reputations intact…or will the scandalous whispers surrounding them bring abou Can the young ladies survive the season with their reputations intact…or will the scandalous whispers s A sophisticated peer and an unfashionable spinster But the scandal is dispersed in the nick of time by the unlikely p Lady Lillian Bourne can't afford another scandal.

Reentering society after her disastrous elopem A sensual historical romance that will leave readers smoldering for more. Four years apart has not dulled his Marriage includes too many strictures, and where will she find a man who embraces her unconventional passion for botany?

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Lady Cecily Francis is resigned to become the wife of Lord Drury, the man she suspects her sister i The art of deception didn't baffle Michael Hepburn, but innocence did. His new wife was trusting, lovely, and, to his amazement, utterly bewitching. Julianne Sutton had always known she would we Madeline May, the widowed Lady Brewer, is in a horrifying quandary.

When blackmail turns to murder, it becomes clear that only one man can help her: Luke Daudet, the notorious Viscount Altea, who is When she finds herself suddenly the toast of the ton, she is far from delighted. Her father, Lord Hathaway, wants her married off quickly, b From some of the biggest names in Regency historical romance, over twenty witty, romantic, and sensual short stories. From award-winning author Emma Wildes comes three all-new stories of romance, adventure, and unbridled passion in the mists and mountains of the Scottish Highlands No real lady should take lessons from a scarlet woman -- or should she?

The Duke of Rolthven's new wife, Brianna Northfield, is well-bred, demure, polite -- everything a young bride should be. So what would society say if they saw her with a copy of It's the talk of the town. In a less-than-sober moment, London's two most notorious rakes -- the Earl of Manderville and the Duke of Rothay -- place a very public wager on which of them is the superior lover. But what woman of beauty, intelligence, a Lawless - Deserved or not, Cal Riker's skill with a gun gives him a deadly reputation that sometimes comes in handy.

Like saving an enticing, sassy beauty from a ruthless outlaw gang. Laura Daniels is too furious about the indignity of her rescue to Her arrival stirs something deep and dark. Perhaps even deadly. Celia Fairmont's new home on the wild coast of Cornwall is a sprawling ancient mansion steeped in history and deep, dark secrets. From the first night her dreams are plagued by images o To win the woman of his dreams, Parker takes matters into his own hands.

And finds out the West is wilder than he ever imagined! Just take her. The advice seems radical, but Parker West is desperate. Try as he might, he cannot convince Celia Evans to Evil deeds happen under the cover of a traitor's moon! Adain Cameron isn't interested in trouble, but he stumbles into it anyway.

Finding himself the unexpected custodian of a lovely English girl after rescuing her from a vicious attack, he has no id A frightened heiress and a notorious border lord take on a vicious murderer Robbie McCray is a Scottish rogue -- sinfully handsome, wildly wicked, a notorious lover of beautiful women-and just the man she needs to help preserve her inheritance.

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