Imagine A Poem Or A Thought

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Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To write a poem, start by picking a theme or idea you want to write about, like love or grief.

Shakespeare's Sonnets

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Stephanie Wong Ken. Co-authors: Updated: October 3, MP Maruthi Pelluri Jun Great thoughts. MK Mahnoor Kokab Aug 11, Every single step or tip is precious for me, as I have no one to guide or critique my work, and the best thing is your narrative style. A Anonymous Mar 20, I know I have a poet in me but I'm always afraid of writing poems because my insecurities keep telling me I'll never even be close to good. But I'll try to overcome it!

LL Lucy Lebrun Mar 1. The article broke the process down into clear steps and demystified it. Many poetry courses don't do as much as that! H Hunter Feb 7. Thanks, I now have something to give him. Rated this article:. NR Natalia Rystaw Aug 27, These really got me into the writing mood, especially the one about looking up online photos.

JB Jameel Batt Mar 10, Teaches me something extra about writing technique in poetic world, which makes me confident and more familiar.

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    The Thought-Fox

    Everyone starting as a poet should read this; it's helping me a lot as a beginner. AP Ayush Pal Sep 17, This article has helped me to write poems all by my own. S Saige Sep 29, This article helped me write the perfect poem. A Anonymous Jan 24, NA Nidhi Agarwal Nov 5, Thanks a lot for this technique. RD Richik Das Jan 29, I was very worried about what to do, so I thought to search on wikiHow. TS Tessa Schwartz Apr 28, I really loved it. AA Ayitsa Agnes Apr 9, AR Anshiram Rupani Oct 11, It helps make everything more clear.

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    Ted Hughes and The Thought Fox

    KH Kathy Haddon Feb 16, Thank you! RK Riya Kushwaha Apr 28, BA Brian Ayuba Nov 13, Years later after I moved to Trenton and worked in New Brunswick I was on it every morning and every night and once I learned to slow down I began to learn its secrets.

    And my interest in art and writing strengthened my seeing. In addition to the photographic works by George Tice, there was a New Jersey movement of artists exploring contemporary forms and shapes. Then there was the writing. Often I would see New Jersey poets — Allen Ginsberg and William Carlos Williams — mentioning NJ highways and encouraging me to think of the road under my tires as something more than meets the eye. The U. And so did this newspaper named for a highway filled with stories of business, art, and life — and me. They suggest that within the loneliness and darkness is a life process, an energy that exists and moves instinctively into time.

    What a Bird Thought,English poem,std V

    It has no form or shape or consciousness at this moment. The poet has to write it into reality. The alliterative soft consonant m is gentle and similar to the first line of the The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins and compliments the repeated loneliness, the deeper within darkness.

    Learning Image and Description

    Note too the long vowels that stretch out time as the consciousness awakens. In the third stanza the soft consonant d and skilfully placed punctuation, help keep the pace and rhythm slow. The reader knows something is about to appear but is uncertain until line 2 when the fox's nose manifests, smelling a twig, a leaf in the imaginary forest. This is a wonderful image. The dark snow is the blank page; the poetic energy is about to be released, is being released. But both silence and solitude are necessary for the words to form, for the fox to make progress. Ted Hughes chose to use the fox as the poetic impulse because it was a creature close to his heart, a symbolic guide.

    The flow and rhythm of the latter part of the poem capture the silky movements, the light measured skips, the quick trot of the now lively fox. The third stanza beautifully reflects the careful steps the fox has to make, as now repeats four times and the reader is taken along into the fourth stanza with the tracks already being 'printed' in the snow. Imagery intensifies as the shadow of the fox, the poetic doubt, makes progress through the snowy wood, slowing down, being wary, then bold and always instinctive. This is the poem as the mind and finger construct it out of imaginary material, the personified fox transformed into words that seem to form of their own accord.

    And the poet's vision finally, unmistakably becomes one with the page as the darkness of the mind and Reynard meet once again, the senses alive with a sudden sharp hot stink of fox, the real world left none the wiser as the poem is crafted. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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    I am but one in this universe. One collection of cells. One set of lungs. One tiny mind spinning with thoughts, with words. I am but one in this life.