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Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. What Makes a Child Shy? How We Affect Each Other. Life Is a Trip The transformative magic of travel.

Free Tree Therapy Where can you find therapy for mind and body for free? So You Want to Write a Book? Want to Know Why Sharing Matters?

Post-Vacation Depression: Why It’s Often Hard to Come Home

How Beliefs Shape Your Life Your beliefs may determine how much joy, connectedness, and suffering you experience in life. A Strange Solution to Depression An opera concerns a heartbroken and depressed woman, and her healing will leave you baffled. Are You Trapped by Expectations and Disappointments?

Why Your Birthday Matters Your birthday is a lot more than the passing of another year. The Wisdom of the Grandmothers What we can learn from grandmothers around the world. Do You Lie? Why lying is important for your well-being. Hate at First Sight What do you do when it's hate at first site on the fascinating, remote Tahitian island of Rurutu? What you learn in a garden can change your life. What country is best for your mental health? Specially trained canines and their handlers walk the airport, bringing smiles and stress relief to those who might need a little comfort or support before departing.

How long has this program been around? Just over a year. The JaxPaws program officially launched in July The dogs commit to two-hour shifts and wander—with their handlers, of course—around the ticketing area, courtyard and terminals beyond security checkpoints, helping travelers feel more comfortable before they board the airplane. What kind of dog is a good candidate for an airport therapy program?

My Life's A Trip

Our dogs range from Yorkies to retrievers. What training do dogs encounter before they can serve on a JaxPaws team?

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  • Life's a Trip!

The dogs undergo training and certification by a national registry therapy animal organization to make sure they are safe to pet, play with and meet. What canine talents should a good therapy dog possess?

Dogs must have a stable temperament, good manners and be very obedient. They should be great with strangers and comfortable in a crowded, hectic environment. It's what we do. We try to keep it as completely free and open as possible. Sometimes you have to plan out a week or two in advance, but it rarely goes beyond that. Then there's doing the stories and there's actually getting in the car and driving. It really is like four or five separate jobs that we have in keeping all of this going on a day in, day out basis. We slept in the cab one night [during] the entire journey.

We have a lot of camping equipment that we used a lot in North America, but generally the majority of where we're sleeping is affordable, local guest houses that have a parking lot that we can fit our truck. KC: "Anybody who is going on any road trip of any length should have [these things] with them in the vehicle: a Hydro Flask stainless steel water bottle with the straw top, because you can drink from it when you're driving and it's not going to spill.

If you want to keep something hot, it keeps it hot. If you want to keep something cold, it keeps it cold.

Trippie Redd - Life's a Trip ALBUM REVIEW

I drill right down to really pedantic stuff like hand sanitizer, and lip balm with SPF. We always have a Brinno time lapse camera on our dashboard and it takes nifty time lapse videos of everywhere we drive. EM: "Any nuts are really the ultimate road trip snacks. EM: "The first year we drove over 40, miles.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Karibu (welcome to) Kenya!

Now, we drive [about] 15, every year — not very much. We'll go to the neighboring country or to two neighboring countries usually, then circle back to where we began and do another six months there. We generally just do small circles, and there's not that much driving. Not so much in Central America.