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Theatre at the Edge

The Bridge Theatre will become a forest — a dream world of flying fairies, contagious fogs and moonlight revels, surrounded by a roving audience following the action on foot. But all is not as blissful as it seems. Diana has a stinking hangover, a fox is destroying the garden, and secrets are being dug up all over the place.

As the day draws on, what starts as gentle ribbing and the familiar rhythms of marital scrapping quickly turns to blood-sport. George, the eldest, a genial and hearty fellow, died in the trenches of World War I.

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Peter was somber, even dark, the most like Barrie himself. Nico, the youngest, was at ease with life in a manner similar to his eldest brother but managed to outlive him by seven decades.

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It was Michael, the fourth of the boys, who carried a touch of mystery. I quickly determined that our two nights on Queensberry Court would put us just blocks from Kensington Gardens. Barrie first met five-year-old George Llewellyn Davies in , and where I ventured on my first morning in London.

I looked beyond to rolling grassland and spreading oaks; the perfect place for a childless author to weave stories for an audience of little boys and the drooling St. Bernard who paced beside them. Even at that early hour, stout middle-aged women were walking their dogs. A dachshund made good speed, incognizant of the two-wheel contraption that supported his lifeless hind legs. Strolling down through the wet grass, I was soon walking along the banks of the Serpentine.

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It was a happy family that Barrie encountered in Her brother Gerald would originate the role of Captain Hook and become one of the leading actor-managers of the new century. His generosity was not always welcomed by the hardworking Arthur, and his attentions to Sylvia would complicate his own, already complicated marriage. A year after that first, quick stroll through the Gardens, I was back in London to begin my freshman year of college. In the used bookstores of Charing Cross Road I purchased the first volumes of my now extensive Barrie library.

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My obsession proved the perfect excuse for a trek to the Outer Hebrides, traveling by mail bus and boat to Amhuinnsuidhe, where Barrie and the boys enjoyed a fishing holiday. His relationship with The Five was distorted in the usual ways for the Hollywood tearjerker Finding Neverland , and scholars seeking notoriety have accused Barrie of unhealthy inclinations. In the first, a young mother disappears on a Hebridean island only to return unchanged when her child is an adult, making them contemporaries. In the second, each character is given the chance to correct a misstep in their past but each repeats the mistake.

I thought I understood Peter Pan as well as anyone could, but it took my own late arrival at adulthood to open my eyes.

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  8. I bounded from passion to passion, like Peter leaping across the chimney tops of London. Jessica joins director Laura Puscas to answer some questions about life as a part-time professional modern dancer. Jessica: I took jazz class when I was a kid and then started back up more seriously when I joined a dance team in middle and high school. I found CoMo after taking one of their adult modern classes!

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    Jessica: Dancing with CoMo has given me the opportunity to perform in such a variety of performances! Laura: As a part-time professional dance artist, how do you balance rehearsal and everyday life?

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    Being surrounded by other dancers in CoMo that are also dedicating their evenings to create art is so inspiring, and having an outlet to do something very different than my day job helps to keep my life balanced. I hope that the availability of a diverse arts scene encourages the community to come out and experience something new.

    Laura: What upcoming productions are you looking forward to with CoMo? Jessica: Our next production is called Revolve and is a show inspired by the elements. Jessica will be dancing in Revolve on Friday, Nov. Tickets are available here.