Moral Manhood: Swimming with the Sharks

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Sometimes, his mother would gaze into the pool and see a shark swimming beneath the water. Each morning, Nanave would stand beside the pool, the feathered cloak about his shoulders, and would ask the passing fishermen where they were going to fish that day. The fisherman always told the friendly youth where they intended to go.

Then Nanave would dive into the pool and disappear for hours. The fishermen soon noticed that they were catching fewer and fewer fish. The people of their village were growing hungry. The chief of the village called the people to the temple. I will use my magic to find him. He instructed all the men and boys to walk among the leaves. A human's feet would bruise the tender leaves, but the feet of a god would leave no mark. Nanave's mother was frightened. She knew her son was the child of a god, and he would be killed if the people discovered his identity. When it came turn for the youth to walk across the leaves, he ran fast, and slipped.

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A man caught at the feathered cape Nanave always wore to prevent him from being hurt. But the cape fell from the youth's shoulders, and all the people could see the shark's mouth upon his back. The people chased Nanave out of the village, but he slipped away from them and dived into the pool. The people threw big rocks into the pool, filling it up. They thought they had killed Nanave.

But his mother remembered that the King of Sharks had made a place for her son at the bottom of the pool, a passage that led to the ocean. Nanave had taken the form of a shark and had swum out to join his father, the King of Sharks, in the sea. But since then, the fishermen have never told anyone where they go to fish, for fear the sharks will hear and chase the fish away.

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While I was happy to see at least one story for Hawai'i it was truly not reflective of the MANY legends our islands have. Awesome Folkatale!!!!!!! My aunt and uncle lived in Hawaii. Good post. We First Nations view these "myths" as teaching stories and a way to keep our oral history alive.

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They are extremely important to our traditional way of life. Here is an example of such a teaching story that deals with the near-universal "world flood" concept:.

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Native American Myths. Schlosser One day, the King of Sharks saw a beautiful girl swimming near the shore. Comments This is a good story! That was a very good story i agree with you Nathan! IM OUT. This story is better than the opossum story and the mammoth story put together!!!

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This is a very intersting story and I enjoyed it. In the introduction and first three chapters of Shark, Dean Crawford makes readers aware of both the unique biological characteristics that define sharks, and he presents an analysis and the timeline that have served to shape and develop the human perception of these creatures. Crawford introduces readers to sharks by weaving of scientific facts with historical and cultural trends of how humans viewed and interacted with the animals throughout the past decades.

The first half of this book lays a foundation for the more critical analysis and further discussion about the future of this animal that are featured in the latter three chapters of this work. Introduction: All sharks are cannibals 8. Many sharks are also Oviphagous, meaning they can eat their siblings in the womb. These natural features are just a few of those aiding in the development of how humans view them, according to Crawford. Consequently, there are a variety of emotions that are stimulated surrounding the fear of sharks.

Modern history

Often, feelings of fear manifest themselves in a number of ways. For Peter Gimbrel, a documentary filmmaker and cage diver, the fear came in the form of dreams about them. He recounts a nightmare about being in the open ocean and envisioning a great white shark speeding toward him 9. According to Crawford, it is a manifestation of fear that many of us share 9. However, humans present a significant threat to this defining characteristic. Both industrial fishing and shark finning for soups commonly made in Asia, are human actions that endanger them There are 4 major dates that have been pinned as being particularly influential in creating both the perception of sharks.

However, not only is their longevity a reason to preserve them, but also they have a particular meaning to the stability of ecosystems and the food chain There is evidence of sharks existing more than million years ago and continuing to evolve today Their history and evolution is both longer and more varied than that of Homo sapiens, which are much less so and thus, more susceptible to threats and diseases Perhaps the reason for their longevity is their great variety that exists within the species and ability to evolve uniquely.

Bull sharks can adapt to both fresh and saltwater habitat.

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To support this ability, they have the novel ability to adjust urea content in the blood to maintain balance in the kidneys Tiger Sharks have been known to consume practically everything, including a suit of armor in the eighteenth century Examining the species as a whole, a major characteristic that sets sharks apart from other creatures is their incredibly sensitive sensory perceptions. For example, many have sensors that detect the degree of hardness or toughness.

The Ampullae of Lorenzini are jelly-filled pores that allow for the detection of electrical energy created by movements. In white sharks, these sensors exist on the tips of their noses. Similarly, the lateral line system of a shark allows them to sense pressure and vibrations. Oceanic Whitetips use this heightened sense of awareness to detect sound and movement 80 miles away Their reproductive systems also set them apart from many other species.

Male sharks are not needed to reproduce It is a genetic ability that may be another reason for their long history. Even Aristotle has even been known to write about the reproduction of these creatures The advanced nature of these creatures and their unique characteristics set them apart from both humans and other species.