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I didn't care for the cliffhanger ending tho! Aug 17, Nicole rated it really liked it. Don't ever stop aiming for it, for one day, we will reach it. This story follows Gemma whom is a kick ass main character.

Her love of books is prominent throughout this entire novel and it makes me so happy. From Gemma wearing only bookish t-shirts to discussing book boyfriends; I really loved how this story really incorporated my love for reading within these pages. This story was ve "No matter how long we live in the darkness, there's always a light in the distance.

This story was very character driven and learning more about Gemma and her team.

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I loved her growth over the course of this novel. I loved her 'desk friend' Dave. He truly loves Gemma and I love that he is slowing trying to break down her walls. Kate I think is a wonderful and kick ass supporting character. Learning more about her past was really illuminating to see the struggles that people can encounter in life and how people rise above what's transpired. The mystery about who this serial killer is kept me at the edge of my toes this entire novel. I have an idea of who he may be This was my first Rachel Medhurst novel, but I know it definitely won't be my last!

I highly recommend this novel!

Aug 04, Energy rated it it was amazing. Gemma works for Paranormal MI5, and she's been shot dead, and yet somehow, she's alive. There's a serial killer on the loose and it's up to Gemma and her team to figure out who's killing these women. Also, there's the situation of Gemma feeling like she's losing her connection to the ley lines and she's not sure if it's because she's kind of dead. I loved Gemma from the very start. She's funny and strong, and I can completely relate to her love of reading.

She defended her book boyfriends with a quirky fierceness. She's got a great team consisting of Dave, who usually stays behind the desk, Jake, who's a shifter, and Kate, who's a seer. They have unique and helpful skills, I am looking forward to more out of them in future books. I'm curious to see if anything blossoms between Gemma and Dave.

This was such a fun book, with a great mix of supernatural elements. It gets fast-paced and intense at times, making for great suspense. Gemma always had a new fandom t-shirt on that was great fun. I'm so excited this is the start of a new series, and I can't wait for more. Aug 08, Elizabeth Connor rated it it was amazing.

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I really enjoyed her last series, Hunted Witch Agency, and was looking forward to the spin-off. Just as Gemma appeared in that series, Devon and her team briefly appear in this one. For the most part, this book is about Gemma, her desk friend Dave, and Jake and Kate, the other members of her team. It was easy to become engaged with these characters and the plot. This book ends with some uncertainty. I feel I have enough information to wait for the next one without too much discomfort. To be fair, this really was the best place to end this first book.

Aug 14, Dallass rated it liked it. However, I felt that a little more world building was needed as not all references were adequately addressed. The characters seemed fun, and there is a lot of potential with the ensemble, and I do want to know what is behind her mothers insistence about Gemma marrying a yet unknown witch.

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Very secretive and mysterious. May 24, Theresa rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this even if it took me half of forever to read it! The story was fun and I really liked Gemma. She is spunky and strong, but has faults she is just starting to come to terms with. Her team is interesting and I would love to get to know them better.

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I'll continue on with the series! Aug 05, Heather rated it really liked it. A great book that has paranormal aspects and has characters that you fall for. The quirky team and it's leader all have a bit of emotional baggage and are learning that the do have wach other if only they would let themselves. This book kept me on my toes trying to figure things out. I really enjoyed the characters and the depth that they all had.

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This could turn into a great series of books! A must read!. Aug 30, The Mysterious Reader rated it it was amazing. Her utterly cool job as a paranormal MI5 agent works perfectly with this since she and her team are tasked with protecting those very ley lines. Jul 28, Wendy rated it liked it Shelves: eb-my-kindle-read. Usually, Kindle freebies are hit and miss with quality. This time, it was a winner. I have not read them. This is an urban fantasy where werewolves, vampires and witches participate in police work.

Gemma is an Essex Witch who gains her power from Mother Earth's ley lines. Someone is killing ordinary people. That someone is a supernatural. It is up to Emma and her team to find him before as so Usually, Kindle freebies are hit and miss with quality. It is up to Emma and her team to find him before as soon as possible. Time is the essence because the killer is sucking the life out of the ley line As the synopsis indicates, she is actually dead but the ley line is keeping her alive.

Emma is a kick ass, strong young lady. But she is also awkward and distant towards her team and prefers to snuggle up with a good book. This struggle of being an Essex witch and wanting to be an introvert is real. I went immediately to Book 2 because there was a true cliff hanger. Aug 13, maria arcara rated it it was amazing. I love Gemma! Not only is she a book nerd and proud of it, but she's a kick arse Paranormal MI5 agent. And a powerful Essex witch to boot.

Plus following the case that prompted the stakeout and its connection with a string of murders kept me engrossed and chomping at the bit to find out what was going to happen. And I really enjoyed reading I love Gemma! And I really enjoyed reading more about Gemma's background after being introduced to her as Devon's cousin in the Hunted Witch Agency series and watching her interactions with her desk friend Dave and their teammates Kate and Jake.

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I also love Ms. Medhurst's imaginative character development - in addition to Gemma, having a witch who needs to use other witches' magic, a seer, and a wolf shifter made for an incredibly interesting read! Sep 06, Sydney rated it it was amazing. It took me a few chapters to warm up to and understand the dynamic of the story and relationships, but I came to really love the characters!

The mystery is still a mystery, twists and turns all over the place, very unpredictable! The writing was great and allowed me to connect to the story, as it was written in a believable way. Unless this series takes a really bad, "wtf were you thinking? Rachel Medhurst is funny, realistic, and writes about the true feelings of women, book nerds and their emotional dilemmas to be precise of which I can relate. Already bummed that I have to wait so long until the next one!

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Aug 13, Jane rated it it was amazing. A spin-off from the Hunted Witches series, this one features Gemma, another Essex witch, and her MI5 investigative team. The book is chock full of bad guys, vampires, demons and encounters with assorted nasties, interspersed with loads of quirky, book-nerd and single girl humour and angst. Amusing, light reading of the paranormal sort that centres around the 4 MI5 members, all paranormals of one sort or another. As Gemma works her way through this case, she realizes that she doesn't know her team A spin-off from the Hunted Witches series, this one features Gemma, another Essex witch, and her MI5 investigative team.

As Gemma works her way through this case, she realizes that she doesn't know her team mates very well.