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Luna said Mr. She said he had lived in El Paso his whole life and had been married to Patricia for over 30 years. Benavides had four brothers and three sisters, Ms. Luna said. Luna said her godfather could be stubborn but was very sociable and would talk to anyone. Benavides loved listening to oldies and was full of obscure music trivia about rock music from the s and 70s, said Carlos Dominguez, a former colleague at Sun Metro. Benavides used to drive a special bus service to help people with mobility issues before he moved to a job on the revenue side of Sun Metro, Mr.

Dominquez said. He was strong willed and always happy. Englisbee, 86, who was known as Angie, was on the phone with one of her sons just before a. That was the last the family heard from her, according to her granddaughter, Mia Peake, Mia said the family learned on Sunday evening that Ms. Englisbee was among the victims of the shooting.

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When the news came, Mia and her mother were in the car, driving to El Paso from their home in New Mexico. Englisbee had eight children, one of whom, a son, died in infancy, Mia said. Her husband died of a heart attack, leaving her to raise the children on her own. The family gathered on Sunday at Ms. Mia said they were thinking of going on Monday to see a video of the shooting, to find out exactly what happened to Ms.

Campos, who was killed along with his wife, Maribel, was remembered by classmates as a great athlete and dancer. Family is sad to hear reports of the loss of one of our own, P. The school board president, Jesse Zambrano, also offered his thoughts in a statement. He was well liked and a role model to athletes like me that looked up to him. We pray for him, his wife and his entire family. A classmate and friend, Asael Alanis, said that Mr. Campos had a big heart and a great sense of humor. Alanis Mr. Jorge Ortiz, whom Mr. Campos had been his best goalie. Ortiz wrote.

We will miss you Leo! May you continue playing soccer in heaven! Javier Rodriguez, 15, was a student at Horizon High School in El Paso, where he was mourned by classmates as well as his family. After the attack, Lawson grew frightened in grocery stores.

Two Funerals, a Viewing, and a Vigil: A Fifteen-Year-Old’s Sunday in Parkland

When she heard a siren or a helicopter, it could trigger a crying jag or a panic attack. At night, she would dream she was running. And when Hamp returned to school for her senior year, she was haunted by the fact that during the shooting in Norris Hall, her teacher and a classmate took charge of making the barricades and directing the other students to their positions. Hamp herself just numbly followed along.

The Trauma of Surviving a School Shooting—and How You Can Help

Back in the classroom, she vowed to be more vigilant about her surroundings, and to always formulate a plan to take action if things went wrong. This debt also included bills from when she had a stress-related mini-stroke in She says she also lost her social network due to her depression. The Feinberg law firm has helped, pro bono, to determine which victims get a portion of donated money after the Boston Marathon bombing, the Virginia Tech shooting, the Aurora theater shooting and the Pulse nightclub shooting.

The firm is also helping define the criteria for how victims of the Las Vegas shooting will qualify for money, but it will not be in charge of administering the distribution. In the case of the Boston Marathon fund, for example, people who were psychologically traumatized but not physically injured were not eligible to receive anything. After the Virginia Tech shooting, however, physically uninjured students in the classrooms the gunman entered were able to receive money. Hamp was not among that group, as the shooter never made it into her classroom.

Because of the sheer number of dead and wounded after the Las Vegas shooting, Biros expects those deliberations will be even more difficult. But when you consider that 58 people were killed, hundreds were wounded and about 22, people were actually in attendance at the music festival, suddenly that amount looks quite modest. Every state has a special fund for the victims of violent crimes, sustained mostly from the fines and penalties that offenders pay as part of a court order. But these benefits vary widely.

The Lasting Pain of Surviving a School Shooting | The New Yorker

Some state funds reimburse crime victims for services like crime-scene cleanup, relocation and rehabilitation, but others only offer the bare minimum — funeral expenses, wage loss and medical and counseling bills. And in some states, receiving a donation counts against you when applying for reimbursements. The result is that state-funded survivor compensation and access to reimbursement for health services are highly varied and unequal. Last year, with shots ringing out in the dark, police Officer Omar Delgado ran toward the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

People were bouncing off us. The floor was slick with blood and alcohol, and his feet slipped as he dragged injured clubgoers to safety. The gunfire continued. When Delgado got home the next morning, he locked his bedroom door. He takes temazepam to help him sleep, but only manages three or four hours a night and wakes up screaming from nightmares. After cycling through a series of mental health providers, Delgado now sees a psychiatrist once or twice a month.

People who were outside the club when the shooting began were not eligible for benefits, explained Jeffrey Dion, deputy executive director of the nonprofit National Center for Victims of Crime, which helped administer the fund alongside the Feinberg firm. Obviously we do it to save people. But I was in need of help.

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  7. When everybody needs help they pick up a phone and dial three numbers. But focusing only on mental health is unlikely to put much of a dent in societal violence. Mass homicides get a lot of news coverage which keeps our focus on the frequency of their occurrence. Just how frequent is sometimes muddled by shifting definitions of mass homicide, and confusion with other terms such as active shooter. But using standard definitions, most data suggest that the prevalence of mass shootings has stayed fairly consistent over the past few decades.

    To be sure, the U. Even stability might be depressing given that rates of other violent crimes have declined precipitously in the U. Why mass homicides have stayed stagnant while other homicides have plummeted in frequency is a question worth asking. Nonetheless, it does not appear that the U. Mass homicides are horrific tragedies and society must do whatever is possible to understand them fully in order to prevent them. But people also need to separate the data from the myths and the social, political and moral narratives that often form around crime.

    Only through dispassionate consideration of good data will society understand how best to prevent these crimes. Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington.

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    UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Just like the memorials after a shooting, some myths are bound to appear. Ferguson , Stetson University.