Tales of the Carnivorous Duck:A Collection of Stories and Poems

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This sequel to Sister Light, Sister Dark follows Jenna into adulthood as she reluctantly fulfills the prophesy naming her the Anna, the warrior queen who will lead her people out of oppression. In the land of the Dales, conquered by the patriarchial. The rhythmic voice in this collection of nine stories and six poems is unmistakably that of a master storyteller and poet. Morgause feels that her year-old son Gawaine belongs on the throne of England, in what PW 's starred review called "a spellbinding twist on the Round Table legend.

When year-old Hannah is transported back to a 's Polish village, she experiences the very horrors that had embarrassed and annoyed her when her elders related their Holocaust experiences. Ages up. Yolen gathers all the ingredients for a compelling middle grade fantasy novel, but the recipe falls short in this first book of her Tartan Magic series. Reluctantly spending his summer vacation with his family in Scotland, visiting his mother's After Serana and Meteora stumble across a secret that could damage the reputation of the Fairy Queen, the close-knit fae When Jordie brings out the hose everyone leaps with gusto into the cool spray, happy to.

Yolen Child of Faerie, Child of Earth heralds the seductive charms of fairyland in this volume of stories and poems, masterfully illustrated with Mackey's Cat Up a Tree mystical oil paintings. The selections present a wide range of fairy lore Harris finds the year-old daughter of the newly crowned King. Jane Yolen, Author, Robert J. Harris, Illustrator, Robert J.

Jane Yolen and Robert J. Twelve-year old Atalanta befriends a bear, whom she names Urso, and enlists him.

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The highly prolific Yolen Owl Moon ; Elfabet here relates a bittersweet memory from an important period in her childhood: the two years during which her father was away at war. She recalls the fun she and her cousin Michael had when the family Fittingly for the writer who would create "the boy who wouldn't grow up," this biography of J. Barrie is just as focused on his childhood as it is on his adult life. Before Barrie began his legendary play he first honed his writing, faced love and. There isn't a dull moment in Yolen's rousing retelling of this Norwegian folktale, in which a girl tames a polar bear cub, defeats a band of tattooed trolls, and arrives at the court of the King of Denmark to royal acclaim.

In the original, a bear Jane Yolen and Rebecca Kai Dotlich, illus. Yolen and Dotlich refashion 15 classic fairy tales into incisive poems told from dual perspectives. Little Frog, Little Mole and others have the same idea in this rhythmic, repetitive jaunt. Yolen's Child of Faerie, Child of Earth rhyming picture book chirps a chipper spring song about young animals off to a visit with Grandma.

Little Mouse moves ""tip-toe, tippity-toe,"" Little Mole begins to ""dig-deep, diggity deep"" and Little An unnamed Jewish girl living in Paris fervently believes in angels—she need only look at the Gothic buildings around her to know they exist.

In succinct, evocative poems, Yolen describes the seasons as they unfold in a forest habitat. It is , and a girl named Sally and her brothers are walking home across the sand dunes of their Maine town when she sees "this big gray thing, humped on the drying sand. Edited by Mike and Anita Allen. The brilliant and the bland run side-by-side in the Allens' second collection of strange tales.

Vivid prose and creepy concepts appear in Jessy Randall's "Maybe a Witch Lives There," in which two teenage pranksters get more than they bargained for Persnickety Legato, dist. Vivid autumn foliage is generally considered to be a thing of beauty, but those unfamiliar colors spell danger to a young frog.

Yolen is pitch-perfect in her delivery of this tender tale of the friendship that blossoms between an elderly white woman and an African American girl. Miz Berlin is well known in her neighborhood for the long and slow walks she takes around the The animals aboard Jane Yolen's Animal Train, illus. To a tiny bear, it seems like the world is made for the "great big bears"—like his parents—who survey their domain from "great big chairs. No high chairs "with The tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin gets a modern makeover at the hands of this mother-son team. Calcephony McCallan who goes by Callie, shortening the name given to her by her ex-hippie parents finds out that the popular band, Brass Rat, is Aspen is a Seelie Prince who has spent half his life living as a royal Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple, illus.

Dragons are just not morning people. Fancy Nancy in her attitude, Charles Schulz's Pigpen in her execution, this mother-daughter team's heroine has a charm all her own. Princess Pig hustles to get her home ready for her "big tea party," but she can't escape her species' reputation for The mother-daughter team behind The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories retells eight folktales featuring traditional dances. A young shepherd finds that animals and humans alike are compelled to flamenco dance when he plays a mysterious flute; Tam O'Sha.

Jane Yolen, Author, Heidi E. Stemple, Author, Brooke Dyer, Illustrator , illus. Dyer Mama Always Comes Home , herself the daughter of illustrator Jane Dyer, joins the mother-daughter team of Yolen and Stemple previously paired for The Salem Witch Trials to celebrate the joys of a long, cozy wintertime snooze. With a Aliera Carstairs attends a small high school in New York City and feels like an outcast in its crowds of cliques, jocks, goths, nerds, and preps.

She's always been a loner and doesn't know where she belongs.

The only control she has is Windling's Fairy Tale series has produced several excellent fantasy novels inspired by classic fairy tales. This is one of the series's most ambitious efforts, and only a writer as good as Yolen Sister Light, Sister Dark could bring it off PW's starred review described this ""stirring"" book as a look at the dark underside of Christopher Columbus's adventure. Shannon's visionary Based on a incident in which two female pirates escaped a death sentence because they were pregnant, this rollicking ballad is ""offbeat and grimly amusing,"" said PW.

Yolen and Shannon, previously paired for the rollicking Ballad of the Pirate Queens, turn solemn in this verse-and-picture tour of sacred places around the world. Visiting 12 sites, the book attempts, with mixed results, an empathetic introduction Just right for a square-format board book, Jane Yolen's original text filled with cozy rhymes combines with Hiroe Nakata's comforting watercolors in A Time for Naps, as a toddler tucks stuffed animals in bed, then settles in for a nap of her own. Among picture books commemorating the centennial of Kitty Hawk, Yolen's is unusual for appropriating Katharine Wright, Orville and Wilbur's younger sister, as its narrator.

This Katharine, however, is not the protagonist but the chronicler All Star! With emphatic prose and oil paintings that echo the perspectives and palettes of vintage photography and commercial art, Yolen and Burke amply prove When her grief-stricken, widowed father decides to leave Boston to be a pioneer farmer on the Nebraska prairie, Elsie wonders if she'll ever feel at home in the world again. Overwhelmed by "the grass and sky and silence," Elsie cloisters herself in Like Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House and the Provensens' Shaker Lane , this felicitous marriage of text and art portrays the impact of modernization on one community.

Yolen's gently poetic text tells how the young Sally Jane witnesses the Tiny creatures such as tree frogs and grasshoppers come to light through the most economical of forms-haik. In a pattern repeated throughout the volume, the opening spread Pairing lyrical poems and crisp photography to great effect, this collection is a gem.

Each poem contains Yolen's response to a series of photographs that portray living things reflected in water. Stemple's photographs startle the reader The team behind A Mirror to Nature and Wild Wings offers another striking pairing of poems and photographs about the natural world, in this case the mysterious lives of insects. Each poem and photograph is a careful observation of its subject, Jane Yolen, photos. The team behind A Mirror to Nature again pairs striking, full-color photographs of birds with spirited poems in a full range of styles and forms.

Books by Jane Yolen and Complete Book Reviews

A girl and her father go owling on a moonlit winter night near the farm where they live. Bundled tight in wool clothes, they trudge through snow ""whiter than the milk in a cereal bowl''; here and there, hidden in ink-blue shadows, a fox, raccoon, Award-winning author Yolen offers a beautiful book of poetry that sings old songs in new ways. The challenging language, rich in metaphor and rhythm, is matched perfectly by Wallner's stunning drawings, showing the dragonfly with its ""veins like Yolen, one of the most prolific writers for children these days see preceding review , is back again--this time with an alphabet book.

Library and bookstore shelves may groan under the weight of such volumes, but writers and illustrators never seem. Two strong females dominate this Baba Yaga tale from the team behind The Firebird. Faithful to Russian tradition, the Baba Yaga featured here flies about in an enormous mortar and pestle, searching for children to capture and bring home to eat. This gracefully structured picture book introduces readers to the famous Firebird ballet choreographed by George Balanchine to Igor Stravinsky's music and the Russian folklore that inspired it.

Accomplished hunter Prince Ivan becomes lost in Taught about triumphs over fantastic odds— the grace of godmothers and fickle gods—. She blogs at varytheline. Bergmann I. She felt slightly different, almost excited, as if some molecules in her glistening body had been replaced with those of a different element, ionizing surrounding tissue.

She knew she should check air intake, monitor the oxygen level, watch for signs of danger the captain invariably multiplied the severity of each incident to serve his own ends.


Her private debriefings were held in a room smelling of winter, his criticisms of her performance like a dirty film of oxides dulling the sheen of her enthusiasm. Never before had any male biological refused to smile at her during sex. Even his sheets were the slick, pale gray of ice. By what was called morning, he would have decided to put each disappointing fact in a sealed file along with its awkward solution.

She carried her event data written within her, grievances polished to a high gloss.

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She had never told him why she always smiled, so she let him assume she had taken a shine to him. Let him believe she was happy. The captain was convinced that a fifth column existed aboard the ship.

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He cast sharp looks at every crew member, human or otherwise, who in turn looked at the floor, or tried to look busy. Under the rose- colored light that passed for dawn he led mandatory group drills in physical contortion and martial artistry.

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He would throw them so it hurt or damaged their bodies, docking their pay for replacement parts. He had them lift their voices in choral song, page after page of elegiac odes to his own home planet, which he assured them they would enjoy. Oh distant red oceans wide. While all the rest of the crew slept or recharged in darkness, alone and cold he stood motionless in the far corner of the bridge, illuminated by a band of light from stars he did not bother to identify.