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Congratulations to the author and I hope to read more from her soon. Nov 04, Jupiter1 rated it did not like it. I had way too many problems with this book, and so I skimmed through most of it. They just don't treat the horses well, which I did not appreciate, and I saw more of the point of view of one character, I think her name was Kate, when I expected the character from the blurb on the back, I think her name was Sarah, making me think that she wasn't the main character, but that Kate was. Kate, who is fourteen or close to it, was horribly whipped by a crazy general who 'loves' her, which just irked me I had way too many problems with this book, and so I skimmed through most of it.

Kate, who is fourteen or close to it, was horribly whipped by a crazy general who 'loves' her, which just irked me the wrong way, not to mention that she just took it, like that was part of her world and that she deserved it, even though she didn't. She got far too used to the world far too fast for me to see it as realistic. I checked out the blurb for the sequel and found out that Kate may want to actually go back to the parallel world, which I did not understand at all, so this made me not want to read the next book. The only good thing I can say about this book was that it was well written.

Overall, though, I did not like this book and would not recommend it. Sorry if this is too confusing, I read this close to a year ago and no longer own it, so I'm going from memory. I figure I don't remember enough of it to write a 'real' review, so I just wrote some of my thoughts on it. Oct 15, Stacey rated it really liked it Shelves: travel-between-worlds , challenge , 21st-century , adventure , historical-fantasy , parallel-universes.

While it took awhile for the story to get really started, slowly I got hooked on the experiences of our modern day heroines in the alternate, medieval-based world on the other side of the Gordath. The modern equestrian setting felt a little too convenient Lynn and Kate aren't too out of their depth when they're required to ride everywhere , but there are some interesting plot elements that develop out of it.

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Kate and Lynn both had great storylines, but I enjoyed Kate's especially, since she's so young and yet so strong. Her experiences really run her through the wringer, but she manages to grow and thrive. I figured out all the plot twists and angles before they were revealed, but that's fun, too - it spikes the suspense as I wait to find out if I'm right.

View 2 comments. Oct 20, mirba rated it it was ok Shelves: out-of-earth-experience. As many others says, don't let the cover trick you. This is not a horse book, it's a out of earth book. Also don't let the intro trick you. The two females main characters are not particularly strong or anything. Just normal girls. The adult one is just wandering around most of the time. The teenager, that's a good girl. She's corageous, and practical. The storyline is not much believable either. Oct 17, Dorri rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy-urban. This was not the book that I expected when I picked it up.

I know many people who will adore and even love this book. Unfortunatly, I am not one of them. Two worlds exist between the gordath stones. One, the modern world of cars, guns and electricity. The other of carved stone, swords and rough hewed medicine. When the Woods are open, things that should be outside their own worlds flow through.

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  • To say much more about this book is to give it away. It wasn't a horrible read, to that matter I found This was not the book that I expected when I picked it up. It wasn't a horrible read, to that matter I found it well written. Just not my type of book. Jan 01, Emily rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy-sf.

    MY BOOK, THE MOVIE: Patrice Sarath's "The Sisters Mederos"

    I did not like this book. What a mess. There's no clear protagonist, no clear story, and the bad guys were just too cookie cutter evil. It was like the author had four different books she wanted to write but wasn't sure if she would ever be able to publish more than one, so she threw it all in here. Bad job on the part of the editor. I skipped around but didn't even care enough to read the end. Dec 23, Jennifer rated it did not like it. I agree with Margaret P. Bought the book based on front cover and back description. Thought I was getting a story about Lynn Romano but story was written from the perspective of too many other characters.

    Sorry, but I didn't attempt to finish the book after the first chapter.

    Too many points of view. Feb 24, Kristin rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in Good concept, but bungled somewhat in the execution.

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    I actually communicated a bit with the author about this, and she agreed with me and had apparently been told the same by other people. She seems to be a decent author, though, and should improve with some more experience. Aug 14, Eileen rated it really liked it. Going through a portal to another world is common.

    The book is made interesting by good characters of various ages and realistic portrayals of paternalistic society. Details about horses and their care add to the richness. Jan 09, Ruby rated it liked it. This is not a bad book, though it was a lot different than what I had expected. I liked that the author actually knows about horses, and wasn't just guessing.

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    Building a City from the Ground Up

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    I think I may have inhaled it. Manners be damned, I made sure I got a second bowlful, and tried to savor it this time around. Thanks, Patrice. This entry was posted on Monday, March 21st, at am and is filed under Plugs. He has been a regular reviewer at Mystery Scene magazine, where he reviewed western and horror novels, and at Missions Unknown blog, where he did columns on Forgotten Books and Forgotten Films. This was a lot harder to answer than I initially thought. Would I go with music? I have bad memories of hearing the Bing Crosby Christmas album for many listens with my folks.

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    And powerful too.

    In the same series

    So, for Christmas, go to the Dickens. Joe McKinney: Joe McKinney, a two-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award, is an author in many genres, including horror, zombie apocalypse tales, ghost stories, virus thrillers, crime and science fiction. He has written 17 novels, developed two collections of short stories, created a tale for a comic book, and been both published in and edited numerous anthologies. There have been lots of fine versions of the Charles Dickens classic, but George C. Scott brings is basically the human version of Grumpy Cat, and his screen presence is just perfect for the part of Scrooge.

    He brings to life the fact that the book is not so much about fear of the grave, but fear that the heart may never love again. The two things that come to mind for me are both short stories. The Black Santa promises a merry Christmas to all, and to all a terrifying night. Beyond his beautiful — sometimes oblique — prose, Campbell is a master at tapping into the subconscious fears we all carry from childhood.