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He tried to accuse Mueller of having conflicts of interest, including over such trivial matters as a dispute over membership fees to a Trump-owned golf club.

The Unseen Student Victims of the “Varsity Blues” College-Admissions Scandal

But when his former lawyer Michael Cohen started cooperating with Mueller, his public comments abruptly stopped saying Cohen was a great guy and started saying Cohen was a liar whose family members were probably guilty of criminal activity. Manafort also got in trouble for some work he had done for foreign governments long before the Trump campaign, but not for anything he did during the campaign itself.

Wonder who that is? From the amount of time and effort that went into preparing this report, it seems clear he was moved to do the best job he could, to remove as much doubt as possible as to the veracity of the results. What was Trump so afraid of, that he felt the need to lie and direct others to lie for him about it? Did he just not want to look bad at all?

Though not without reason. The only entity with the ability to try a sitting President is Congress, under articles of impeachment. So the question instead devolves to Congress, which has the power to impeach Trump if it sees fit, and to the American people, who have the power to vote him out of office if they see fit opening him to a possible criminal prosecution if he escapes impeachment.

Congress is beginning to investigate and consider impeachment, though they seem determined not to make the same mistake they did with Clinton and rush into it. He seems more determined than ever to adopt an adversarial position to Congress, trying to obstruct their further investigations at every turn.

In the galleries: Bob Woodward's typed notes about his meeting with Deep Throat

Prepared by a fellow Republican, this report lifts the rock on the highest office in the land. Great and unconventional review.

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At some point governments are going to have to develop a workflow to deliver epub and mobi outputs I would be curious about how big the respective files are. I remember reading and being gobsmacked by the Starr report when it came out — I read it online.

Priced to Sell | The New Yorker

What a salacious report! Good job, Chris. Like Liked by 1 person. In the process of the cover-up, he may have committed worse crimes.

As you mentioned, one of the worst things in these cases is trying to spare oneself the embarrassment. The salvation of the Republic seems to hang on this kind of lunacy throughout history. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Graham attributed her adult anxiety to the difficulties of her childhood.

Born into economic comfort but emotional deprivation, she saw little of her parents. Graham transferred from Vassar College to the University of Chicago in , an impulsive choice occasioned by seeing a photo of Robert Maynard Hutchins in Redbook.

The dynamic intellectual and political atmosphere suited her, and Graham made fast friends with her fellow International House residents. In college Graham decided to enter the family business as a reporter. Her social circle in Washington was filled with young, well-educated professionals like herself—including Phil Graham, a charismatic young lawyer. They married in June The young couple shared a playful but sharp-edged rapport.

Eugene made Phil his deputy—and ultimately his successor—at the Post. It was an overwhelming job. He made several smart acquisitions, including Newsweek and the Washington Times-Herald , a Post competitor. By the paper was profitable and by the early s its daily circulation had more than doubled to , At the time little was known about bipolar disorder and few treatments were available.

When in the summer of Phil shot himself at the family summer home, it was Katharine who discovered his body. In the face of staggering grief, Katharine Graham went to work. In the publicity surrounding the film, Woodward and Bernstein received as much notoriety as the stars who portrayed them, Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. Ransom Center Magazine is an online and print publication sharing stories and news about the Harry Ransom Center, its collections, and the creative community surrounding it. First Name. Last Name.

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