US Army Human Terrain System, 2008-2013

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Where there is smoke, there is fire More serious allegations are likely to follow. Most interesting, perhaps, is the change in the products Secondly, the standard of the products is remarkably sub-par. Problems can be noted everywhere from the methodology all the way to the final production which, in turn, makes the findings questionable As is common in this age of austerity, senior leadership everywhere are figuring out who to keep and who to drop.

At HTS the situation is no different. CGI [the prime contractor] is conducting an ethics compliance investigation now against this senior staff member and two faculty members. One focus of the investigation is against a social scientist instructor on the HTS staff who, while employed by HTS, traveled to Turkey for two weeks to speak for the NATO, which is considered a conflict of interest, because she is an HTS instructor and shouldn't work for any other organization at the same time.

Instead of taking leave time during these two weeks of traveling she recorded her hours using HTS code and her supervisor approved it.

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The other area of interest is a PhD who was hired to teach Team Leader students. And benefits the senior staff member's friends. An attempt to merge the Research Managers Individual Track Training class with the Social Scientists Individual Track Training is apparently being made to benefit the senior staff members cronies. John Stanton has written nearly articlesbased on plus sourcesover the past four years, from to Congress, th Congress, 1st Session, June 18, Publishers, Ltd.

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