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If the scary vampire sucks your blood and causes you harm, then it may indicate the fear of negative things coming in your life. It may mean you are acting under influence of a person who is not fit for you. It could also mean you are worried about changes occurring in your life. Maybe you are off to school, getting a new job, buying a house or someone close to you has passed.

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All of these things can be related either to old age or the passing of youth. As vampires are related to immortality , it goes to reason dreaming of vampires might make you worry of your own mortality. If you see a young, charming, handsome or sexy vampire in your dream, it indicates sexual desire that you have for something new and different.

This may be a good time to spice up your love life and enjoy someone or something different. This kind of dream may sometimes indicate forthcoming problems in your current relationship, especially sex life.

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Don't worry if the sexy vampire is not the gender you are normally attracted to or there is something strange about the encounter. It doesn't necessarily mean your sexuality has changed or you should go out and buy yourself a gimp suit.

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Human sexuality is complicated , so just have a think about what it might mean to you. In your dream, if you see a vampire trying to lure you or seduce you, it may indicate a sexual tension between you and the person you love in your real life.

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You have a crush or sexual attraction for someone, and such feelings might be starting to frustrate you now. A vampire is a symbol of fear, sexual feelings, negativity, surrender and sometimes even death. If you see yourself going on a date with a vampire, it may indicate that someone in your real life is making a bad decision. This doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic decision either. It could be that this person is making rash decisions or repeating negative behavioral patterns.

Whatever they are doing, you worry they will go as well as a date with a vampire. Sometimes, you may see a vampire in your dream who is chasing you and trying to give you a vampire bite.

The Vampire...In My Dreams

If it does, it may be trying to turn you into a vampire too. If you are trying to escape and fighting to not get caught, then it may indicate that real things in your life need some change. Whether you are worried about a previous change or you looking forward to one, it doesn't mean the change is necessarily negative. Such a change may affect your true identity and your own perspective towards yourself. If you see yourself happy with the change it could be you are happy about new circumstances, despite the pain you had to go through to get there.

This shows you are likely prepared for the coming change and ready to accept your fate. If you see a vampire chasing you, but it cannot catch you, maybe you are worried about near misses. If you see yourself in a fight with a vampire, and if you win in the end, this might indicate a kind of improvement in your own self. You may have overcome a problem or are worried about a particular stress. Stopping a vampire bite or even giving your own vampire bite could be a good sign.